Šviesos efektas JB SYSTEMS INVADER

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Trys valdymo nustatymai: Muzikinis, dmx, auto.

  • Just buy one effect and you have it all!
  • This incredible effect mixes 3 different effects in wonderful combination:
  •     LED effect, similar to our LED DEVIL (5pcs 3watt leds with different colors: red, green, blue, orange, white)
  •     LED STROBE: powerful white LEDs (8pcs 1watt)
  •     LASER effect: wonderful red (150mW) / green (50mW) laser patterns
  • A lot of different internal programs to make life simple!
  •     DMX-control: 1channel for easy operation or 9 channels for full control.
  •     Standalone: sound activated (internal mic) or automatic.
  •     Master/slave: wonderful synchronized shows.
  • 3-digit LED display for easy menu navigation
  • IEC mains input + output for easy linking
  • Key activated on/off switch and emergency switch (interlock) input for additional safety
  • Complies to EN/IEC 60825-1 2007 for Laser Safety