BeamZ Tiger 7R MK2 judanti galva

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The Tiger E 7R moving head MKII has a very bright output due to the use of the 7R 230W high intensity discharge bulb. The moving head is equipped with a colour, frost, gobo and prism effect wheel for ultimate control; the gobo wheel is provided with 17 different gobos + open and the colour wheel with 14 colours + open. Together with the motorized 8-facet rotating prism it can create a wide range of spectacular light effects. The Tiger E 7R moving head MKII works both in DMX or stand-alone mode. When operating in DMX mode you have complete control with 16 or 20 DMX channels. Among its features are a mechanical shutter and adjustable speed strobe, frost lens, rotation prism, motorized focus and mechanical dimmer. Simple operation and easy to adjust via the touch screen display.

230W 7R High Intensity discharge bulb (included)
Beam angle 5°
17 Gobos + open beam
14 Colours + open
Gobo shake effect
Frost effect lense
Rotatable 8 facet prism
Motorized focus
Mechanical shutter and adjustable speed strobe effect
Mechanical dimmer
16 or 20 DMX channels
DMX and Stand-alone mode
Automatic pan/tilt correction
Reset function
Control panel with LCD Touch Screen display
DMX in/output via 3-pin XLR
Powerconnector input
Quick lock omega clamp included (2x)